A panoramic of the River Tay and Tay StreetA panoramic of the River Tay and Tay StreetCOPYRIGHT IAN POTTER

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A gallery featuring only Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

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Trees up Kinnoull HillA rainbow over the River Tay. Taken from Kinnoull HillPhone boxes covered in snow beside the City HallThe North Inch with a layer of snowAutumn leavesSmeaton's BridgeAn autumnal tree in the Fair City of PerthArt at Rodney GardenFlowers covering Rodney GardensThe railway tracks leading into Perth from DundeeSunset over the city skylineTay Street taken from the railway bridgeThe railway bridge taken from Tay StreetThe view from the Folly up Kinnoull HillCompass on Kinnoull HillTay Street and Smeaton's bridgeThe folly up Kinnoull Hill with car light trailsTay Street taken from Rodney GardensSt John's Place at Christmas time